Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Megan J. Ballard

“Refugees, Rights, and Responsibilities:Bridging the Integration Gap” (2017) 39 University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law 1, 185-247. PDF

“Relaxing Legal Norms to Restore Rights to Homes and Land in the Aftermath of War” (2013), in Property and Sovereignty: Legal and Cultural Perspectives, 9 (James Charles Smith, ed.).

“Pre-Planning for Post-conflict Property Remedies: A Case Study from Georgia” (2011) 43 George Washington International Law Review 43.

Alma Begicevic

“Money as Justice: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina”,  (2016) 6 Oñati Socio-legal Series 3, 396-425.

Steven Bender

“Faces of Immigration Reform” (2011) 6 Florida International University Law Review 251.

“LatCrit XV Symposium Afterword-At and Beyond Fifteen: Mapping LatCrit Theory, Community, and Praxis” (with Frank Valdes) (2011) 14 Harvard Latino Law Review 397; (2011) 1 University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review 177, (2012) 22 Berkeley La Raza Law Journal 301.

“Compassionate Immigration Reform” (2010) 38 Fordham Urban Law Journal 107 (2010).

“Old Hate in New Bottles: Privatizing, Localizing, and Bundling Anti-Spanish and Anti Immigrant Sentiment in the 21st Century” (2007) 7 UNLV Law Review 883.

Kinnari Bhatt

“The 2011 Guinean Mining Code: Reducing risks and promoting social benefit in Africa”, 20 South African Journal of International Affairs 2 (2013), 247-270. Abstract

“A post-colonial legal approach to the Chagos case and the (dis)application of land rights norms”, International Journal of Law in Context (2018), 1-19. PDF

Emmanuel Chima

Chima, E. (2020, November). Life in Malawi’s prison-turned-refugee camp. African diaspora: Before and after COVID-19. Africa in Fact. (pp. 36-41). Good Governance Africa.

Veronica Fynn Bruey

“Entangled Territorialities: Negotiating Indigenous Lands in Australia and Canada. Edited by Francoise Dussart and Sylvie Poirier” (2022) [Book Review] 1 Journal of Internal Displacement 12, 44-46.

“Tribute: McAnthony Kornah Keah” [Viewpoint] (2021) 2 Journal of Internal Displacement 11, 2-5.

“Development-induced displacement and homelessness in Seattle, Washington,” (2019) 18 Artha: Journal of Social Sciences 2, 1-25.

“Compassionate Migration & Regional Policy in the Americas by Steven W. Bender & William F. Arrocha”, 9 Journal of Internal Displacement, Volume 1, 2019 (January), 74-77.

“The Myth of Self-Reliance: Economic Lives Inside a Liberian Refugee Camp by Noahiko Omata,” 9 Journal of Internal Displacement, Volume 1, 2019 (January), 78-80.

“Fatal Journeys of Displaced African Migrants Crossing the Mediterranean: International and Regional Effort and Response” (2018) 8 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 45-82.

“Possible Spaces of Somali Belonging” by Vivian Gerrand, (2017) 7 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 29-30

“Unaccompanied Minors in International, European and National Law” by Ralf Rosskopf (ed), (2017) 7 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 27-28.

“The Kampala Convention and its Contribution to International Law” Journal of Internal Displacement by Mehari Taddele Maru, (2016) 6 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 2-4

“Gender, Conflict and Peace by Kashmir: Invisible Stakeholders” by Seema Shekhawat, (2015) 5 Journal of Internal Displacement 2, 19-21.

“Lat Does Not Exist: Oral Histories of Development-Induced Displacement in India” by Sam Tranum, Lois Kapila, Nikhil Roshan, (2014) 4 Journal of Internal Displacement 2, 81-82.

“Refugee Repatriation: Justice, Responsibility and Redress” by Megan Bradley, (2014) 4 Journal of Internal Displacement 2, 79-80.

“Transitional Justice and Displacement” by Roger Duthie, (2013) 3 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 36-37.

“No Return, No Refuge: Rites and Rights in Minority Repatriation” by Elazar Barkan and Howard Adelman, 2 (2012) Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 98-101.

“Forced Migration and Displacement During the Arab Spring” (2012) 2 Journal of Internal Displacement 2, 2-14.

“Liberian Refugees: Access to Health & Education in Exile” (2011) 35 Liberian Studies Journal 1 and 2 (2010), 98-127.

“Africa’s Last Colony: Sahrawi People – Refugees, IDPs and Nationals?” (2011) 1 Journal of Internal Displacement 2, 40-58.

“Around the Fringes of Internal Displacement: Trending Mass Movements of Aboriginals in Canada” (2011) 1 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 46-76.

“Growing Up Naked: The Untold Stories of Children at War” by McAnthony Keah, (2010) 18 International Journal of Children’s Rights 1-3.

Rebecca Hamlin

“’Foreign Criminals,’ the Human Rights Act, and the New Constitutional Politics of the United Kingdom”. 2016. Journal of Law and Courts. Vol. 4 (No. 2): 437-461.

“Political Stories: Media Narratives of Political Participation by Asian Immigrants in the United States and Canada” with Irene Bloemraad and Els De Graauw. 2016. Politics, Groups, and Identities. Vol. 4 (No. 3):425-443.

“Ideology, International Law, and the INS: The Development of American Asylum Politics 1948-Present.” 2015. POLITY. Vol. 47 (No. 3). 320-336.

“Immigrants in the Media: Civic Visibility in the United States and Canada” with Irene Bloemraad and Els De Graauw 2015. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Vol. 41 (No. 6):1-23.

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Ben Hudson

Hudson B, Migration in the Mediterranean: Exposing the limits of Vulnerability at the European Court of Human Rights, 4 Maritime Safety and Security Law Journal 26 (2018).

Hudson B and Murray R, ‘Guiding Principles on Sanctuary Scholars in UK Higher Education’ (Article 26 2018).

Hudson B, ‘Migrants on Lampedusa’ (2017) 2 European Human Rights Law Review 192-195.

Niamh Kinchin

‘The Implied Human Rights Obligations of UNHCR’ (2016) 28(2) International Journal of Refugee Law 251 – 275.

Chien-yu Liu

Chien-yu Liu,Addressing the Hidden Psychological Costs of Disasters and Conflicts in the Context of Forced Migration, IAEM Bulletin, Vol.34 No. 8, August 2017.

Anna Lundberg

with Pia Kjellbom (2021) Social work law in nexus with migration law. A legal cartographic analysis of inter-legal spaces of inclusion and exclusion in Swedish legislation, Nordic Social Work Research, 11:2, 142-154, DOI: 10.1080/2156857X.2020.1861071

“Pushed out in limbo – The every-day decision-making about ‘practical impediments to enforcement’ in the Swedish management of return migration” Retfærd. Nordisk Juridisk Tidsskrift, ISSN 0105-1121, 2020, Vol. 3, nr 3, s. 13-31

with Lisa Dahlquist, “Sanctuary Practices in Scandinavian Transnational Cities: The Case of Public Libraries.” Journal of Human Rights Practice, 2018, 10 (1), pp. 142-158.

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”The Best Interests of the Child Principle in Swedish Asylum Cases – the Marginalization of Children’s rights” Human Rights in Practice2011, 3(1), pp. 49-70.

Nana Charles Nguindip

“The right to rreedom of movement and the protection of refugee status in Cameroon: What prospect for implementation?”, Journal of Human Right Law and Practice, Vol 1, Issue 2 (2018), pp 37-45.

“The right to ramily reunification of displaced children in international law: Crossing legal borders in the implementation of international Humanitarian law and human right law”, Journal of Family and Adoption Law, Vol 1, Issue 1 (2018), pp 38-47.

“The Complexities of Citizenship and Nationality under Cameroonian Law”, International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications, Vol 1, Issue 1, (2017), pp 56-61.

Safiya Ahmah Nuhu

“Development Induced Displacement in the African Context: What Says the African Union Convention?” Journal of Internal Displacement, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012. pp. 5-26.

“Towards the development of a comprehensive legal framework for the protection of IDPS: An overveiw of the A.U. Convention,” Bayero University Journal of Public Law (BUJPL), Vol.1, No.1, December 2009. Pp 112-137.

Norvy Paul

“Editorial: Special Issue on Development-Induced Displacement.” (2019). Artha – Journal of Social Sciences, 18(2), pp. v-vi.

“Domestic Migration in Kerala: Issues, Challenges and Responses: An Analytical Reading.” (2015). EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review, 3 (12), pp. 71-74.

Seema Shekhawat

“Return and resettlement of displaced Pandits in Kashmir, India” Journal of Internal Displacement, 2(1), pp 49-65.

Anthea Vogl

2016, ‘A Matter of Time: Enacting the Exclusion of Onshore Refugee Applicants Through the Reform and Acceleration of Refugee Determination Processes’, Oñati Socio-Legal Series, vol. 6, no. 1.

2015, ‘Over the Borderline: A Critical Inquiry into the Geography of Territorial Excision and the Securitisation of the Australian Border’, University of New South Wales Law Journal, vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 114-145.

with Methven, E., 2015, ‘We will decide who comes to this country, and how they behave: A critical reading of the asylum seeker code of behaviour’, Alternative Law Journal, vol. 40, no. 3, pp. 175-179.

2013, ‘Telling Stories from Start to Finish: Exploring the demand for narrative in refugee testimony’, Griffith Law Review, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 63-86.
2012, ‘Seeking Asylum: Human Smuggling and Bureaucracy at the Border (review)’, Canadian Journal of Law and Society, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 159-159.

Roberto Ariel Abeldaño Zuñiga