Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Megan J. Ballard
“Refugees, Rights, and Responsibilities:Bridging the Integration Gap” (2017) 39 University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law 1, 185-247. PDF

“Relaxing Legal Norms to Restore Rights to Homes and Land in the Aftermath of War” (2013), in Property and Sovereignty: Legal and Cultural Perspectives, 9 (James Charles Smith, ed.).

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Steven Bender
“Faces of Immigration Reform” (2011) 6 Florida International University Law Review 251.

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“Old Hate in New Bottles: Privatizing, Localizing, and Bundling Anti-Spanish and Anti Immigrant Sentiment in the 21st Century” (2007) 7 UNLV Law Review 883.

Kinnari Bhatt
“The 2011 Guinean Mining Code: Reducing risks and promoting social benefit in Africa”, 20 South African Journal of International Affairs 2 (2013), 247-270. Abstract

“A post-colonial legal approach to the Chagos case and the (dis)application of land rights norms”, International Journal of Law in Context (2018), 1-19. PDF

Veronica Fynn Bruey
(forthcoming), (With Heather Lewis)  “Rights to Return, Resettle or Reintegrate? The Case of Liberian Refugees in Ghana.”

“Fatal Journeys of Displaced African Migrants Crossing the Mediterranean: International and Regional Effort and Response” (2018) 8 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 45-82.

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“Around the Fringes of Internal Displacement: Trending Mass Movements of Aboriginals in Canada” (2011) 1 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 46-76.

Rebecca Hamlin
“’Foreign Criminals,’ the Human Rights Act, and the New Constitutional Politics of the United Kingdom”. 2016. Journal of Law and Courts. Vol. 4 (No. 2): 437-461.

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Ben Hudson
Ben Hudson, Migration in the Mediterranean: Exposing the limits of Vulnerability at the European Court of Human Rights, 4 Maritime Safety and Security Law Journal 26 (2018).

Niamh Kinchin
‘The Implied Human Rights Obligations of UNHCR’ (2016) 28(2) International Journal of Refugee Law 251 – 275.

Safiya Ahmah Nuhu
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Norvy Paul
Understanding Health of Transgender Women in India. (2016). De Paul Journal of Sceintific Research, 3 (2), pp.211-225.

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