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Newsletter: September 2017

Newsletter: September 2017


Law and Society 2018 Toronto – CRN 11: Invitation to Submit a Paper
As you may know, the Law and Society Annual Meeting 2018 in Toronto has been announced. CRN 11 invites you to submit a paper(s) to be considered for a panel, salon, or round-table presentation. The LSA 2018 deadline for abstract submission is 18 October 2017. In order to put together a panel, salon or round-table presentation on Displaced Peoples, please submit a working title and a brief abstract by 4 October 2017 to For more details on the LSA Call for Papers, click here.

Law and Society CRN 11 (Displaced Peoples): Journal of Internal Displacement Special Issue
Guest Editors
Megan J. Ballard, Professor of Law, Gonzaga University
Ben Hudson, Lecturer in Law, University of Lincoln

The Journal of Internal Displacement is calling for papers to be published in its Law and Society’s Collaborative Research Network (CRN 11 – Displaced Peoples) Special Issue in January 2018. Papers must be submitted no later than 31 October 2017. Click here for more information.


Deadly Voyages
Migrants the world over have been compelled to make deadly voyages to escape harsh conditions in pursuit of a better life. Whether it is fatal journey made by “Boat People” to Australia; migrants desperately crossing the Mediterranean; Syrian refugees converging at the frontiers of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt; or unaccompanied minors from “Northern Triangle” nations trekking thousands of miles on to enter the United States via Mexico; their vulnerability is certain. Many fall prey to traffickers, smugglers, violence, exploitation and death. For instance, Amnesty International reports that, at the current rate of 2.7 deaths per every 100 people, 2017 promises to be the deadliest year for refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Despite the increasing number of deaths of forced migrants, international law and communities struggle with coordinating socio-legal and humanitarian efforts to effectively address the current global migrant crisis. The purpose of this forthcoming book is to examine the efficacy of international, regional, national and local responses to deadly voyages of forced migrants globally. Interested authors should send a title (12 words maximum); brief description of your proposed chapter (300-500 words maximum); and a CV to no later than 30 November 2017.


CRN 11 is recruiting participants for its Research and Development Committee. All those with expertise and interest in the following are invited to join:

  • Writing grants and research applications
  • Reviewing members’ draft papers and providing constructive feedback
  • Identifying research collaborators, sponsors and placements for members
  • Implementing and executing research projects and programs
  • Promoting and advertising programs and projects

NB: The Journal of Internal Displacement is home to CRN 11 research scholarship.


Interested in being a bona fide research collaborator with CRN 11? Send an expression of interest to including the following:

  • biographical sketch (250 words maximum)
  • affiliation
  • research interests
  • list of recent publications
  • a headshot, and
  • a link to your website

As a CRN 11 Research Collaborator, you will have the opportunity to share your draft research papers, chapters or manuscripts with colleagues in order to receive constructive feedback, and collaborate on research and publication projects.




Message from Waheed Ahmad, a Human Rights Consultant and Chairman of the International Peace and Harmony Forum of Lahore High Court Bar Association, Pakistan: “I wish you very happy International Day of Peace! Together for peace: respect safety and dignity for all. Let’s stand together against terrorism and spread the message of peace.” For more information on International Day of Peace, click here.

Are you interested in volunteering for CRN-11? Visit Displaced Peoples for more information.

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Call for Papers: Journal of Internal Displacement Special Issue

Call for Papers: Journal of Internal Displacement Special Issue

Submission Deadline: 31 October 2017

On behalf of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Internal Displacement (JID), an invitation is extended to all CRN11 presenters and anyone interested to submit your paper(s) to be considered for publication in a JID’s CRN 11 Special Issue 2018. If you are interested in submitting a paper to the JID’s CRN 11 Special Issue, download the Call For Papers. For more information about the Journal of Internal Displacement, click here.